Research – Incidents remain stable for international food safety network

Food Safety News

The number of food safety incidents involving an international network has stayed almost the same in the second quarter of 2022.

The International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) was part of 46 alerts from April through June this year compared to 47 in the first quarter of 2022.

A total of 22 incidents involved a biological hazard with Listeria monocytogenes behind eight and Salmonella causing seven. Norovirus was responsible for three and hepatitis A for one. The hazard has not yet been identified in two cases.

Seventeen alerts were because of an undeclared allergen or ingredient such as milk, shellfish, peanuts, almonds, egg, gluten, hazelnuts, mustard, sesame or soy.

Five were because of a chemical hazard such as aflatoxin, chlorpyriphos, histamine and alkaloids and two involved a physical hazard; one for metal and one for plastic.

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