UK – J Sainsbury Tackling Campylobacter


12 January 2021

Our customers’ health and safety is of paramount importance to us. Working closely with our suppliers and farmers, we are committed to ensuring that levels of Campylobacter on our fresh chicken are kept as low as possible

Campylobacter is commonly found on chicken and can cause food poisoning if chicken isn’t prepared and cooked properly. It’s not yet possible to eliminate it from raw chicken, but we have been working hard to reduce levels.

From farm to fork

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With our suppliers, we’ve been busy finding ways to tackle Campylobacter at every step of the food chain. This starts on the farm by trying to stop Campylobacter from colonising flocks, introducing novel thermal treatments in the factory as well as new convenient roast in the bag packaging.

Like other raw meats, chicken still needs to be handled with care, but lower levels of Campylobacter means improved safety for our customers when they are preparing chicken at home. We were the first retailer to include food safety advice on our products.

How are we doing?

We test nearly a thousand chickens a year to check on how we are doing, and we continue to make progress. We’ve achieved a target that was set by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA), but are committed to continue making further improvements wherever we can. To do this, we need to find new solutions through further research and trials, working closely with our suppliers.

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