Denmark – Denmark aims to use education to reduce Norovirus risk when dining out

Food Safety News


The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has launched a campaign to lower the risk of exposure to norovirus when dining out.

Ahead of Christmas, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (Fødevarestyrelsen) is focusing on how staff in professional kitchens, in cafés, canteens, restaurants and delicatessens can help to curb norovirus infections, which the agency said normally peak toward the end of the year.

Chefs and kitchen staff should stay home from work if they have symptoms of norovirus infection or have just had the disease. People can be infectious before feeling sick and at least 48 hours after having recovered.

Niels Ladefoged Nielsen, a consultant at the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, said norovirus is extremely contagious, and there have been times when a single mistake in a professional kitchen has affected a large number of guests.

Nielsen said while the message of not cooking for others while feeling unwell is aimed at food professionals, it also applies to people at home in their own kitchen, and when preparing or serving food for family or friends.

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