Research – Framework for action on food safety in the WHO South-East Asia Region


Framework for action on food safety in the WHO South-East Asia Region

Food safety is a major public health concern and is closely related to Sustainable Development Goals such as good health and well-being, elimination of poverty, gender equality, water and sanitation, sustainable production and consumption, and climate change. Food safety is a shared responsibility and demands multisectoral and multidimensional collaboration of all stakeholders – governments, food business operators, consumers and academics across the food chain – to make it a longterm investment to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. Various global initiatives have brought together key stakeholders, including representatives from ministries of agriculture, health and trade, food industries, consumer societies and international partners, to achieve high-level political commitment to scale up the food safety agenda for sustainable development. This Framework for Action for Food Safety identifies key activities prioritized for delivery in 2020–2025. It is based on a situation analysis of the food control system in Member States of the WHO South-East Asia Region, of progress made through implementation of the Regional Food Safety Strategy, including through the WHO Thirteenth General Programme of Work, Codex Strategic Plan and recommendations of WHO/FAO/AU Global Food Safety Conference. This Framework provides guidance to food safety authorities across the food chain, as well as those involved in food safety emergencies, preparedness and response

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