USA -Boston College: Norovirus confirmed on campus

Outbreak News Today   norovirus-2(1)

Today, Dr. Thomas I. Nary, the Director of University Health Services at Boston College (BC) reported that laboratory tests from three patients treated early last week revealed the presence of Norovirus.

The confirmation comes after Nary said Friday several dozen students reported to University Health Services last week with symptoms related to gastrointestinal illness. He noted at the time there were no confirmed Norovirus cases.

An aggressive cleaning by BC Housekeeping and Dining Services have limited the spread of the illness on campus. Staff disinfected common touch-points–such as switch panels, faucets, doorknobs, and handrails–throughout campus, and restrooms in all residence halls were treated with disinfectant. Salad bars were closed and self-service food items were removed from dining halls, measures consistent with the recommendations of the Department of Public Health. As a result, there has been a steady reduction of student visits to University Health Services since the beginning of last week.

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