Ireland – Recall of Cavanbert and Drumlin Cheeses due to Mycobacterium bovis


Category 2: For Information
Alert Notification: 2019.06
Product: Cavanbert Cheese, Drumlin Cheese, approval number: IE 1816
Batch Code: All best before dates up to 14/02/19 for Cavanbert and up to 13/03/19 for Drumlin
Country Of Origin: Ireland


Corleggy Cheese is recalling its Cavanbert and Drumlin raw cows’ milk cheeses that were made with milk from a herd in which animals tested positive for tuberculosis (TB). Mycobacterium bovis causes TB in cattle and consumption of contaminated dairy products can cause human TB. No other Corleggy Cheese products are implicated.  Cavanbert Cheese and Drumlin Cheese with best before dates after 14/2/19 and 13/3/19 respectively are not subject to this recall.


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