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New Zealand – Hepatitis A in Fresh Fruit

MPI Close up 3d render of an influenza-like virus isolated on white

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is cautioning New Zealand  consumers of a small quantity of fresh fruit sold in late February and early March  that there is a relatively low risk that this fruit had been contaminated with  Hepatitis A virus.

MPI Deputy Director General Scott Gallacher says it is important that  consumers understand the risk of transmission of the virus is relatively low,  but MPI is issuing this information as a precaution so that people with any  related concerns about their health can contact their doctor.

“As always, MPI is placing the health and wellbeing of all consumers  first.

“We have been advised that a person packing some varieties of apples  and peaches in a Hawke’s Bay packhouse has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A.