Research – Microbiological, Physicochemical and Nutritional Properties of Fresh Cow Milk Treated with Industrial High-Pressure Processing (HPP) during Storage



The safety, shelf life, and quality of fresh cow milk treated using industrial High-Pressure Processing (HPP) treatment at 600 MPa for 10 min was studied to identify the novelty of this non-thermal technology in milk processing. Changes in microbiological and physicochemical properties, including nutritional values of vitamins and amino acid profiles, were measured for a 60-day storage period at 6 °C +/− 1 °C. The HPP treatment produced milk that met all microbial safety requirements and exhibited a shelf life beyond 60 days in a hot and humid region. High physicochemical stability was achieved, with consistent pH and undetectable titratable acidity. The HPP treatment successfully retained all vitamins and minerals, including calcium (99.3%), phosphorus (99.4%), and magnesium (99.1%). However, the 60-day storage caused some degradation of Vitamin A (25%), B3 (91%), B5 (35%), B6 (80%), and C (85%), and minerals, including potassium (5%) and zinc (18%) when compared with fresh milk. This research has shown that the adoption of advanced treatment with HPP is very beneficial to the dairy industry in preserving milk quality in terms of its physicochemical and nutritional properties and extending its storage shelf life beyond 60 days.

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