Korea – Approximately 10% of plated pet food exceeds microbiological standards

Korea IT Times

Food poisoning bacteria such as Salmonella and pathogenic Escherichia coli were also detected in some pet foods.
According to the Korea Food Communication Forum (KOFRUM) on the 25th, a research team from the Gwangju City Research Institute of Health and Environment investigated the degree of microbial contamination and the use of food additives in 130 pet food and snacks distributed in Gwangju from March to August 2021, and this was revealed. .

The results of this study investigation of microbial contamination and food additive use of pet food and snacks distributed in the Gwangju area were published in the latest issue of the Journal of the Korean Society of Livestock Hygiene.

출처 : Korea IT Times(https://www.koreaittimes.com)

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