Research – Combined Pulsed Electric Field with Antimicrobial Caps for Extending Shelf Life of Orange Juice


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of combined pulsed electric fields (PEF) and antimicrobial packaging treatment in maintaining the quality and stability of orange juice stored at 10 °C. Orange juice was treated by PEF and stored in glass jars with antimicrobial caps coated with 10 µL of carvacrol essential oil (AP). Microbial reductions and physiochemical properties of juice samples were determined after treatments and during storage at 10 °C. Orange juice samples subjected to the combined treatment (PEF+AP) had the lowest yeast and mold populations after 14 day-storage at 10 °C. There were no significant differences in pH, acidity, color, total soluble solid contents, total phenol compounds, and Vitamin C among all samples after treatments. Storage studies showed that PEF, AP, and PEF+AP treatments maintained the quality and stability of orange juice stored at 10 °C for 5 weeks but lost Vitamin C. This study provides valuable information to juice processors for consideration and design of nonthermal pasteurization with antimicrobial packaging of juice products. View Full-Text

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