Research – The Impact of Thyme, Rosemary and Basil Extracts on the Chemical, Sensory and Microbiological Quality of Vacuumed Packed Mackerel Balls


The effect of natural extracts (0.05%) and vacuum packaging on the sensory, chemical, and microbiological quality of mackerel balls were evaluated at refrigerated (4 ± 2 °C) storage. Natural extracts thyme (38.13 mg GAE/g), rosemary (81.85 mg GAE/g) and basil (21.08 mg GAE/g) were evaluated. Natural extracts imparted stability to lipids (TBA, FFA, and PV), and the ability was further improved by vacuum packaging. Biochemical changes (TVB-N, pH) and microbiological quality (total viable count) were also retained. Control samples packed under vacuum were found to cross over acceptable limits on day 28. Based on sensory quality evaluation, samples treated with rosemary and thyme extracts showed superior sensory quality over control, whilebasil-treated samples were not found acceptable at day 28. Consequently, the inclusion of thyme and rosemary extracts exhibits preservative quality when combined with vacuum packaging, retaining biochemical, microbial, and sensory quality.

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