Research – Investigating and Preventing Foodborne Outbreaks Linked to Raw Milk and Raw Milk Dairy Products

NY Food Safety

Foodborne disease outbreaks and cases linked to raw milk and raw milk dairy products continue to be a concern. Investigations of these outbreaks often represent unique challenges, such as patients who may not be willing to disclose the source of the raw milk or identifying appropriate samples to collect on potential source farms (do you know what “milk socks” are and where to find them?)

To learn more about raw milk and dairy products, how to investigate outbreaks linked to them, and how to help prevent these outbreaks, view the NY CoE webinar on “Investigating and preventing foodborne disease outbreaks linked to raw milk and raw milk dairy products”, presented by Dr. Martin Wiedmann from Cornell University on 6/2/2022. Following the presentation, a panel of individuals who have been involved with investigating raw milk outbreaks participated in a Q&A dialogue. Panelists included subject matter experts from the New York State Department of Health, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, Maine Department of Health and Human Services, and Pennsylvania Department of Public Health. The webinar was recorded and can be accessed on the NY CoE YouTube here.

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