USA – Welcome to the Agricultural Water Assessment Builder!


Thank you for choosing to use the Agricultural Water Assessment Builder. The Agricultural Water Assessment Builder v. 1.0 is a user-friendly tool designed to help farms understand the proposed requirements for an agricultural water assessment in the “Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing, and Holding of Produce for Human Consumption Relating to Agricultural Water” proposed rule (agricultural water proposed rule). If finalized, the rule would replace the microbial criteria and testing requirements for pre-harvest agricultural water for covered produce (other than sprouts) in the 2015 Produce Safety Final Rule with provisions for systems-based agricultural water assessments. Relevant definitions and resources can be viewed by clicking the icon next to the title of this page.
We welcome feedback on v1.0 of this optional tool, such as suggestions related to the tool’s functionality and useability. Feedback on the tool can be sent to
Use of this tool is not required by law (see legal disclaimer) and would not be required. If the agricultural water proposed rule is finalized, FDA expects this tool to supplement and not replace other education, training, and experience that would be needed to understand and implement the requirements of the rule.
The information entered into this page will not be shared with FDA and will not be saved. If you need to pause while entering information, we recommend that you export a copy of your data and save it to your local machine. Once the document is saved, you may resume at a later time, and upload the file to begin from where you paused. Once you have reached the end of this tool, you will be given the opportunity to print out a summary of the information entered. Remember, the data that is entered here is not saved unless your export a file to save on your computer.
This tool is being provided for illustrative purposes only because the requirements for agricultural water assessments under proposed § 112.43 have not been finalized.
Legal disclaimer: Use of the Agricultural Water Assessment Builder v. 1.0 does not constitute FDA approval of an agricultural water assessment or guarantee compliance with FDA’s requirements, if finalized. FDA has taken all reasonable precautions in creating the Agricultural Water Assessment Builder v. 1.0. However, FDA is not responsible for errors, omissions or deficiencies regarding the tool. The Agricultural Water Assessment Builder v. 1.0 is available “as is” and without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of performance, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. FDA is not making a commitment in any way to regularly update the tool. Responsibility for the interpretation and use of the Agricultural Water Assessment Builder v. 1.0 lies solely with the user. Third parties’ use of or acknowledgment of the tool does not in any way represent that FDA endorses such third parties or expresses any opinion with respect to their statements.

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