Research – Here’s why it’s dangerous to let your dog lick your plate

Country Living

Should you let your dog lick your plate? While many owners share table scraps with their furry friends, one vet has warned of the possible health dangers if your dog shares food directly from your plate.

According to Team Dogs, plates licked by dogs can harbour hidden bacteria such as salmonella which cannot be destroyed by dishwashing. As well as this, many foods still lingering on human plates can be poisonous to dogs, resulting in your pup becoming poorly.

New research by Wren Kitchens found that one in six (15%) of households in the UK let their dogs lick their plates, meanwhile Twitter findings by Team Dogs discovered that 61.5% of voters said they don’t let their dogs lick the plate. It might seem like a harmless dinnertime treat, but owners should keep dog and human dishes separate at all times.

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