USA – Hawaii’s food safety agency uses embargo to drive raw milk sales off the islands

Food Safety News

State and local health departments went for months with no concerns other than the pandemic. But this summer, they are finding the time and personnel to work on other public health issues.

Hawaii, for example, has had an embargo underway for unpasteurized goat milk. The Hawaii Department of Health’s Food Safety Branch found numerous pet stores on O’ahu were selling raw goat milk.

Hawaii retailers and restaurants must purchase only pasteurized Grade A milk and milk products.

Raw milk is not safe for human consumption. As of July 1, the Food Safety Branch found about 20 O’ahu pet stores selling raw milk. Under the embargo, pet stores or any other retailer with raw milk in their possession were fined up to $10,000 a day unless they removed the raw goat milk from sale and destroyed the product.

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