USA – Ongoing lead, Legionella water issues in schools

Downtown Publications

CDC legionella

As students return to full in-person instruction, many Birmingham Public Schools continue to be plagued by locations where legionella has been found, as well as lead and copper, with remediation continuing in all affected buildings.

Reports have come in from Greenfield, Quarton, Beverly, Pierce, Harlan and West Maple elementary schools, Berkshire Middle School, and Seaholm and Grove high schools, indicating that while there have been improvements in the water quality at the schools since they were last tested last fall, continued remediation is still needed to eliminate all legionella from school plumbing. There have not been updates Derby Middle Schools or Birmingham Covington School.

According to communications from the school, “BPS is focused on the remediation of legionella while providing a lead-free source of drinking water for all staff and students. BPS will shift to cold water flushes to reduce copper and lead in the system in the coming weeks. All individuals should use water from home or bottled water until water filter stations are enabled again.”

At Groves, while legionella was found at more than 220 locations at the school in the first round of testing, following remediation and retesting, there are currently 79 locations were it was found.

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