Research – Application of a Novel Lytic Podoviridae Phage Pu20 for Biological Control of Drug-Resistant Salmonella in Liquid Eggs


kswfoodworld Salmonella

Salmonella is a globally distributed zoonotic pathogen. Among them, S. Pullorum is a host-specific pathogen that seriously affects the development of the poultry breeding industry in China. It mainly infects chickens and can cause white scabs, and the mortality rate after infection is almost 100%. As antibiotics are widely used in animal feed and other production processes, Salmonella resistance has gradually increased. Therefore, there is an increasing need to develop new technologies to control multi-drug resistant (MDR) pathogens and confirm their actual effectiveness in the target food matrix. Bacteriophage can efficiently and specifically lyse bacteria, and will be a potential bactericide to replace antibiotics. In this study, 34 strains of Salmonella bacteriophages were isolated from environmental resources. Therein, phage Pu20 with the widest host spectrum had the strongest ability to lyse tested Salmonella strains. Further studies showed that Pu20 had high pH tolerance and heat resistance, short incubation period. Pu20 can effectively inhibit the growth of two strains of MDR Salmonella in liquid egg white and yolk at 4 ℃ and 25 ℃, respectively. According to morphological and phylogenetic analysis, Pu20 belongs to the Podoviridae family. Genomic analysis of Pu20 indicates a linear 59435 bp dsDNA sequence with no homology to virulence or antibiotic resistance-related genes. Together, these results sheds light on the potential biocontrol application value of Pu20 in food products.

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