Research – Validation of simulated commercial manufacturing of flour tortillas to control Salmonella contamination

Wiley Online


This study validated a typical batch commercial flour tortilla cooking process against Salmonella contamination. Tortilla dough prepared from flour inoculated with a 7‐serovar Salmonella cocktail was pressed in a dough press (preset at 200 °F [93.3°C]) for 3 s, then heated on a griddle (preheated to 221.1°C [430 °F]) for 30, 45 or 60 s on each side, followed by ~8 min of ambient air cooling. The maximum internal temperature of tortillas during cooking was >97°C for all cooking times. The Salmonella counts in tortillas decreased >6‐log at all cooking times; however, tortillas cooked for 30 and 45 s had an undercooked appearance. The water activity and pH of cooked tortillas after 60 s of heating on both sides followed by cooling were 0.934 and 6.62, respectively. The D‐values of the Salmonella cocktail in raw tortilla dough were 22.2, 13.4, and 4.6 min at 55, 58, and 61°C, respectively, and the z‐value was 8.9°C.

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