Research – Assessment of stabilized hydrogen peroxide for use in reducing Campylobacter levels and prevalence on broiler chicken wings

Journal of Food Protection

Poultry processing establishments utilize antimicrobial processing aids on broiler parts to minimize Campylobacter contamination. A stabilized hydrogen peroxide (SHP) product was assessed for use as an antimicrobial processing aid. In a series of experiments, wing segments with skin were inoculated with 103 – 107 cells of Campylobacter coli followed by treatment with SHP at 15,000 or 30,000 mg/L, peroxyacetic acid at 300 or 3,000 mg/L (ppm), or water. Each treatment was applied by either dip or spray. Rinsates from each wing segment were analyzed for direct counts and prevalence of Campylobacter. Treatment with SHP or PAA significantly reduced Campylobacter levels compared to water controls by up to 2.22 log CFU/mL. At high inoculum levels (106 – 107), SHP and PAA applied by dip had up to 1.27 log CFU/mL further reductions of Campylobacter levels as compared to spray treated wing segments. Additionally, wing drumettes were observed to retain higher levels and prevalence of Campylobacter recovery compared to wing flats at a low inoculation level (103). The results indicated that there was no carry-over effect of SHP (same day vs. 24 h) and dip treatment with SHP or PAA decreased Campylobacter recovery on broiler chicken wing segments compared to a water control. Although 2 log reductions were modest, SHP had similar efficacy as the commonly used processing aid, PAA. SHP shows potential for further investigation as an antimicrobial processing aid for use on poultry parts.

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