Research – Just What we All Wanted a New Listeria Species – Number 21

Microbiology Research

 sp. nov., isolated from a water trough and the faeces of healthy sheep

In the context of a study on the occurrence of species in an animal farm environment in Valencia, Spain, six -like isolates could not be assigned to any known species.

Phylogenetic analysis based on the 16S rRNA gene and on 231 core genes grouped these isolates in a monophyletic clade within the genus , with highest similarity to .

Whole-genome sequence analyses based on  DNA–DNA hybridization, the average nucleotide  and the pairwise amino acid identities against all currently known species confirmed that these isolates constituted a new taxon within the genus .

Phenotypically, these isolates differed from other species mainly by the production of acid from inositol, the absence of acidification in presence of methyl α--glucoside, and the absence of α-mannosidase and nitrate reductase activities. The name  sp. nov. is proposed for this novel species, and the type strain is CLIP 2019/00642 (=CIP 111799=DSM 110544).

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