France – Withdrawal and recall of foodstuffs likely to be injurious to health – Microbiology


The Ministry of Agriculture and Food is withdrawing and recalling all products, mainly beef, poultry and smoked fish, manufactured without the required sanitary approval, under the trade name “DJEN FOODS “. In fact, an inspection carried out by the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations (DDPP) of Seine-et-Marne revealed that the production and marketing of these products were not carried out under conditions meeting the food safety requirements.

Considering these serious shortcomings, likely to make food detrimental to the health of consumers, the services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food today order the withdrawal from sale and the recall of all products marketed by the establishment “DJEN-FOODS” or bearing a “DJEN-FOODS label: meat and fish, fresh or smoked, or other cooked dishes, in bulk or vacuum-packed, kept at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen, etc … and this regardless of the use-by date (BBD) or the minimum durability date (MDD) indicated on these foods.

These products are marketed mainly in Ile de France, probably in establishments specializing in the marketing of “exotic” preparations. They can be identified by the labels affixed indicating: “made in France by DJEN-FOODS”.

The Prefect of Seine-et-Marne on August 13 ordered the cessation of all production at this establishment until further notice. The services of the Directorate-General for Food are continuing their investigations, in particular on product traceability.

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