Singapore – New microbiological criteria for the export of meat and offal to Singapore


The latest version of the Singapore Export Authorization Procedure specifies the microbiological criteria to be followed only for ready-to-eat foods, not specifically considering meat and offal.

Recently, the Export Area of ​​the Ministry of Health has learned that the microbiological criteria followed by the Singapore authorities to control the import of fresh meat, meat preparations and offal are different from the criteria contained in the current Export Procedure. Therefore, work will begin on a new version of the document in order to incorporate this new information.  

We make available to exporting establishments the document that describes the microbiological criteria for meat and offal in Singapore so that they can take them into account when defining self-control procedures.

Click to access sfa—microbiological-criteria-for-imported-meat.pdf

Click to access SingapurProcedEspEnero21.pdf

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