ALS Microbiology Training Course

Hi All

I am delivering a Microbiology Course (3 Parts) later in February.

Basic Microbiology Awareness
Series of Webinars delivering technical and practical
information on the main microbiological issues affecting the
food industry.

Course Objectives:
» Develop a greater understanding of Food Microbiology
» Being confident with Environmental Monitoring processes and requirements
and how to assess the microbial risks in food products.
» How the laboratory undertakes testing and interpreting the results.
Who Should Attend:
This course can be used as a refresher for those with some previous training in
Microbiology and / or as an introduction for those working within Technical and
Quality roles in food manufacturing / handling environment.

Part 1 – Introduction to Micro-organisms – 17th February 2022
This part will first of all introduce micro-organisms, their growth and
development requirements before establishing the main micro-organisms that
can affect food production and the difference between foodborne illness and
food poisoning, which could affect the decision-making process within the
production environment.

Part 2 – Factory Testing for Micro-organisms – 24th February 2022
This second part will focus on the best practice in food production environment
to identify and control micro-organisms and how a product microbial risk
assessment approach should be considered.

Part 3 – The Microbiology Laboratory – 3rd March 2022
The third part will cover microbiology laboratory testing, how to interpret the
testing results and the new technologies that will enhance current traditional
microbiology testing.

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