Research – Minimizing microbial contamination in primary production of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices


In the recent past, many plant-based ingredients, either processed or unprocessed, were found to be contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, viruses or parasites:–
In 2010, 272 individuals were infected with the bacterium Salmonella. This US outbreak was traced back to contaminated black pepper.–
In 2003, 640 people were sick and four died due to Hepatitis A virus in green onions. This was the most widespread Hepatitis A outbreak in the US.–
In 2015 in the US, 546 people were ill due to the parasite Cyclospora in fresh cilantro. Contamination was found to be caused by poor agricultural practices.
Where does the contamination at farm level come from?
Contamination can have several origins, these are the so-called “routes of microbial contamination”. Seven routes have been identified:
1. Growing field and adjacent land;
2. Animals;
3.Manure-based soil amendments;
4.Agricultural water;
5. Hygiene and human health;
6.Worker harvesting practices;
7.Equipment, premises and transportation.

See the full guide at the link above

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