Russia – Clostridium Botulinum Poisoning

Al Khaleej Today

This Friday (23), the international press reported the story of two children from St. Petersburg, Russia, who spent three days at home with their dead parents. For the couple’s children, the two were just “sleeping” for a long time.

The relatives of Alexander Yakunin, 30 and his wife, Viktoria, 25, were surprised by the couple’s absence from a family reunion. That was when relatives called their home and their five-year-old daughter answered the phone.

In the call, the girl said that she was taking care of her one-year-old brother, said that her mother and father had been “sleeping” for a long time, and that the father had gone all dark.

Worried, the children’s aunt went to the apartment and found the couple dead in bed. “I ran… and saw everything. I fell and screamed, ”recalled the woman, according to the British website Mirror. Then the emergency and the police were called.

The aunt took the children of the couple from the apartment who are now in the care of their grandfather, Alexander’s father. The suspected cause of death is food poisoning after consumption of a pickle preserve contaminated with botulinum toxin, a substance produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. According to the police, a jar of pickles given by Alexander’s grandfather was open in the kitchen.

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