Research – Discerning microbial and quality attributes of differently slaughtered and dead poultry meat

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Globally, various methods of slaughtering have been practiced for the production of chicken meat. Among these methods, Halal slaughtering is implemented to produce Halal chicken. This method involves cutting the throat to bring the animal toward quick death without anguishing. Additionally, Halal slaughtering also favours rapid blood flow and more bleeding. Slaughtering methods are concorded with composition, quality, and microbial safety of meat, mediated by varied blood retention. Accordingly, the present work was aimed to explicate the effect of various slaughtering methods on quality and safety of broiler meat. Results revealed that significant compositional changes were observed in meat obtained from different slaughtering methods. Additionally, Halal‐slaughtered meat showed less nitrogenous losses (TVBN = 9.81 mgN/100 g), high water holding capacity (72.02%), better shear‐force value (21.37 g), and normal color (L* = 48.59, a* = 0.85, b* = 11.56) as compared to other slaughtering methods and dead meat. Additionally, Halal‐slaughtered meat contained less number of total plate count (4.28 log10CFU/g), Enterobacteriaceae count (3.12 log10CFU/g), Salmonella (2.74 log10CFU/g), and E. coli (2.78 log10CFU/g) counts in comparison with the other slaughtering methods and dead meat samples. Findings of the study indicate that slaughtering methods significantly influence the quality and microbial status of broiler meat.

Practical applications

In recent years, the international market for meat obtained from animals/birds slaughtered by using various religious methods has become important for supplying the desired meat globally. Although several studies have been conducted in this domain but most of the published data mainly emphasise the work related to the use of conventional slaughtering methods with limited comparison to religious slaughtering methods. However, some projects have also addressed the issues related to the impact of slaughtering methods on meat quality. Discussion related to religious slaughtering has been in progress around the world. Accordingly, the present study was conducted in this regard for providing some more information and facilitating the existing and upcoming discussions on the merits and demerits of several slaughtering methods with special reference to meat quality and safety.

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