UK – Scotland – Campylobacter levels remain steady across the UK

Food Standards Scotland 


The top 9 UK retailers have published their latest campylobacter testing results showing that the levels of contamination remain low. The figures covering sampling from January to March 2018 show that 3.8% of chickens tested positive for the highest level of campylobacter contamination, demonstrating that the action being taken by retailers to reduce campylobacter contamination on fresh chicken continues to make a positive impact.

The average overall percentage levels of campylobacter in the retailers’ data can be found in the table below:

Months Contamination levels (cfu/g)*
Less than 10 10-99 100-1000 Over 1000
July – September 2017 48.7% 28.3% 18.4% 4.6%
October – December 2017 57.7% 22.0% 16.7% 3.6%
January – March 2018 59.1% 23.9% 13.2% 3.8%

We would like to remind people in Scotland that the risk of getting ill from handling and eating chickens is low providing you follow our good hygiene and cooking tips.

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