Venezuela – Salmonella outbreak sickens nearly 600 in Anzóategui

Outbreak News Today

Anzoátegui State Governor, Antonio Barreto Sira said Saturday (computer translated) there is a salmonella outbreak in the state. He notes 571 cases of salmonellosis are registered in state in north eastern Venezuela, including two deaths.

According to the epidemiological records of the Anzoatiguense Institute of Health (Saludanz), the disease mainly affects the Simón Bolívar municipality, with 262 cases in the El Carmen parish and 276 in San Cristóbal, while in the Sotillo municipality they have been diagnosed 23 and 9 in Urbaneja, all with positive antigen results and clinical signs of this pathology.

The outbreak is attributed to the terrible services in the distribution of drinking water throughout the state and especially in the north. “The lack of maintenance and repair of fallen collectors in the capital of this entity, coupled with little or no collection of garbage and solid waste, are causes of this new outbreak,” he said.

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