Research – In Vitro Screening of Chicken-Derived Lactobacillus Strains That Effectively Inhibit Salmonella Colonization and Adhesion


nhibition of Salmonella by Lactobacillus has been a popular research topic for decades; however, the inhibition potential of chicken-derived Salmonella by chicken-derived Lactobacillus has not yet been studied. In this study, 89 strains of Lactobacillus from chicken intestines were isolated by national standard method, Gram staining, physiological, and biochemical experiments and molecular sequencing; The inhibition characteristics of 89 strains of chicken derived Lactobacillus against 10 strains Salmonella (S. Enteritidis SE05, SC31, SC21, SC72 SC74, SC79, SC83, SC87; S. bongori SE47; S. Typhimurium, SC85) were detected by agar inhibition zone, The results showed that the inhibition zone of 24 strains of chicken derived Lactobacillus was more than 10 mm, which indicated that the isolated chicken derived Lactobacillus could effectively inhibit the growth of Salmonella; The drug resistance and bile salt tolerance of these 24 strains were analyzed, The results showed that the standard strains LG and L76 were not resistant, and the other 22 Lactobacillus strains showed different degrees of resistance. The strains LAB24, LAB26, LAB53, LAB69, and L76 showed good tolerance at the concentration of 3 g/L bile salt; Caco-2 cell experiment and flow cytometry were used to analyze the inhibitory effect of chicken derived Lactobacillus on the adhesion of Salmonella to Caco-2 cells, The results showed that 16 probiotics could effectively inhibit the adhesion of Salmonella to Caco-2 cells. Twelve probiotics were identified by molecular biology. The results showed that L76 was Enterococcus faecalis, and the other 11 strains were Lactobacillus. View Full-Text

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