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USA – Co-Op City Associated with Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak in New York City

Food Poisoning Bulletin Legionella_Plate_01

Health officials have found evidence connecting cases of Legionnaires’ disease to the Co-Op City complex in the Bronx. “Although additional testing needs to be done, the association between the people with Legionnaires’ disease and Co-Op city is substantial,” said attorney Fred Pritzker. “Sometimes filing a lawsuit is the only way to get answers.

Since December 2014, 12 cases of Legionnaires’ disease have been diagnosed among Bronx residents, according to the New York City Department of Health. Of these, 8 were Co-Op City residents. Health officials found Legionella bacteria in water used in the cooling towers, according to a department press release. The infected water is used to cool Co-Op City’s heating and electrical systems.