Finland – Amissa Oy’s products manufactured after 19 December 2022 will be removed from the market


Pictures of Amissa Oy's products, 8 pieces.

The Food Agency has ordered all products manufactured in Amissa Oy’s bakery after 19 December 2022 to be removed from the market and to dispose of the products in such a way that they cannot return to the food chain. The operators of the food industry who have said products, the local food control authorities should be informed about the removal and evidentiary disposal of the products.

Amissa Oy is a bakery operating in Keuruu, which produces various packaged bakery products for national sale, such as meat, apple and raspberry slörs, meat pies, meat patties, egg and rice patties and peremets (Turkish meat pie).

Food control has found various deficiencies in the company’s operations. There have been shortcomings and grievances especially in the self-monitoring system, the suitability of the premises, the condition and cleanliness of the premises, the cleanliness of work tools, equipment and cleaning equipment, hand hygiene, work clothes, staff orientation and hygiene knowledge. The operation has not been changed, and the conditions have not been corrected despite the given instructions and prompts. The municipal food control authority has prohibited the company from operating as a bakery since 19 December 2022. As a result, products manufactured after 19.12.2022 cannot be considered to comply with the requirements of food legislation, and therefore cannot be kept on the market.

The Finnish Food Agency has asked the municipal food control authorities to make sure that the company’s products are disposed of at their places of purchase. Consumers are also asked to dispose of the products as household waste themselves or return them to the place of purchase. You can contact the manufacturing company about possible compensation claims.

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