Czech Republic – Poultry kebab – deep frozen – Salmonella


Place of inspection:
Kladno – Dubi ( Bustehradska 260, 27203 Kladno – Dubi )
Company ID: 05326257
Food group: Meat and meat products Meat semi-finished products

Poultry kebab – deep frozen
Category: Dangerous food
Unsatisfactory parameter:

Salmonella Enterica serum. enteritidis

The pathogenic bacterium Salmonella Enterica serum was found in the product Enteritidis . This bacterium can cause a condition called salmonellosis.

Lots: 18/06/21/210
Date of minimum durability: 11/2021
Quantity of product in package: 15 kg
Producer: EVIN FOOD PRODUCTION, ul. Poznańska 13, 67-416 Konotop, PL 08040602 WE,
Distributor: KEBAB KURD sro
Country of origin:  Poland
Date of sampling: June 23, 2021
Reference number: 21-000039-SVS-CZ
The sample was found by official inspection of the State Veterinary Administration.

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