Research -Reducing the risks of bacterial-borne diseases in shrimp farms

The Fish Site


Vibrios are some of the most unwelcome bacteria in the global shrimp farming sector, causing diseases including EMS and costing the sector billions as year. However, as we explain in this article, there are a huge number of ways for farmers to reduce the risks of vibrio-related diseases.

Vibriosis is one of the most severe bacterial diseases in shrimp aquaculture, and is caused by the infection of pathogenic and/or opportunistic Vibrio bacteria. It can lead to mortality of up to 100 percent and is estimated to cause the shrimp sector US$ 3 billion in global losses a year. One of the most recent cases of vibrio-related diseases is early mortality syndrome (EMS), which is also known as acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) and has put a huge dent in the profits from Asian shrimp production in the last decade.

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