Norwegian – Disease-causing Yersinia enterocolitica in pork products – 2019


Yersinia p

On behalf of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the Norwegian Veterinary Institute has analyzed a total of 152 samples of minced pork and pork dough for Yersinia enterocolitica, a bacterium in which some varieties are capable of causing disease in humans. Pigs are considered to be the main reservoir for pathogenic Y. enterocolitica, and pork is considered an important source of infection.

What we investigated: A total of 152 samples of minced pork and pork dough were analyzed.
Period: 2019
What we were looking for: Yersinia enterocolitica
What we found:
  • The results indicate that the incidence of pathogenic Y. enterocolitica in Norwegian pork products is low, but that they may occur.
  • It is therefore important to fry pork products well and not to taste raw products such as pork dough, bacon and the like. Also remember good kitchen hygiene when handling raw meat.
  • Since it has been a long time since the previous survey took place and the surveys are not directly comparable, this survey provides updated knowledge for the benefit of both industry, authorities and knowledge institutions.

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