Information – Listeria in your freezer – how to avoid food poisoning

Plymouth Herald

Supermarkets across the UK have withdrawn 43 lines of frozen vegetables amid fears they could be contaminated with a lethal listeria bug that has killed nine people – two in this country.

The frozen veg, mostly sweetcorn, was produced in a factory in Hungary and was being sold under different brand names by supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Lidl.

The products could contain listeria bugs which can cause potentially deadly listeriosis food poisioning.

The Food Standards Agency has issued a product recall – so how do you make sure the food in your freezer is safe.

Firstly, check the list of recalled frozen vegetable products and if you have any don’t eat them.

With everything else, there are simple rules to make sure food you keep in your freezer is as safe as possible – so you avoid food poisioning.

Dr Lisa Ackerely, who campaigns and writes online as The Hygiene Doctor and regularly appears on TV, has drawn up a list of simple-to-follow freezer instructions.

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