Information – Models to develop and validate process preventive controls Decision-support for the food industry


Computational Biology Premium (CB Premium) supports a new era of predictive microbiology and risk-based food safety (e.g. FSMA), by providing the food community with peer-reviewed models accessed via a uniform interface. Much like ComBase, CB+ serves as a repository of models and risk management tools. However, what differentiates CB+ is it’s sole focus on predictive models that have been developed for and validated in real commercial foods.

Since co-founding ComBase in 2000, Dr Mark Tamplin has interacted with numerous members of the food safety community. A universal request was for predictive models applicable to commercial foods. CB+ was designed to meet this demand.

Our Vision is that CB+ will be the leading predictive microbiology resource used by small and large food companies to develop and validate process preventive controls. Our Goals to realizing this vision involve actively engaging with the food industry to identify high demand models, and then interacting with and supporting food safety researchers who produce the predictive models that fill these information gaps.

CB+ supports all lead model authors by providing free access to CB+, as well as measuring the number of times users access individual models, thus documenting model impact.

CB+ is owned by the University of Tasmania, and produced and delivered through the Tasmania Institute of Agriculture.

Our operational team includes Mark Tamplin and Daniel Marin Hervias, the technical manager who designs the CB+ web application and software framework. In addition, a small team of scientists help identify and format new models for CB+.

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