Research- Cleaning and disinfection against Campylobacter

Poultry World

Campylobacter bacteria in poultry products are a main cause of human food-borne diseases. Production environments have a direct influence on contamination with pathogens, on increased mortality, and/or indirect influence on uniformity and decreased broiler performance.

Cleaning and disinfection can have positive influences on the increase in birds’ productive performance, as disease causing microorganisms are reduced or destroyed.

These biosecurity programmes are crucial for the maintenance of high productivity of poultry flocks and fundamental to ensure the quality of poultry products, making them appropriate for human consumption. Detailed cleaning and disinfection programmes aim to reduce infection pressure from microorganisms from one flock to the next. Studies simultaneously evaluating efficiency of cleaning and disinfection protocols, poultry performance, sanitary status of the facilities and sanitary quality of the meat are rarely found.

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