USA – Botulism: 29 confirmed foodborne cases in the US in 2016, most linked to Mississippi outbreak

Outbreak News Today 



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently published the National Botulism Surveillance Summary for 2016 and reported 29 confirmed foodborne botulism cases that year.  Among the foodborne cases, 23 were associated with three outbreaks in three states; the remaining six cases were sporadic.

Sixty-two percent of the cases (18) were from a Mississippi outbreak associated with illicitly produced alcohol, known as “pruno” or “hooch”, in a federal correctional facility.

Other states reporting cases include Alaska- two cases, one linked to consumption of beaver tail and the other fish heads and seal oil. California reported three cases- one linked to commercial grain and vegetable product and two from unknown source.

Oklahoma saw two cases- one linked to the Mississippi outbreak and one linked to home canned food. Oregon reported one case linked to home-canned pickled vegetables and Texas saw one case linked to tamales.

Finally, Washington saw two cases linked to home canned fish.

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