UK – Scotland – Food Standards Scotland meets the Scottish meat Industry to discuss food safety issues

Food Standards Scotland

Following the meeting between Food Standards Scotland (FSS), the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and members of the UK meat industry last week, FSS met with further Scottish meat industry representatives at its offices in Aberdeen.

The meeting was convened by FSS to discuss the recent incidences of non-compliance with food hygiene regulations discovered at a number of meat cutting plants across the UK, including a small number in Scotland.  These issues have raised concerns which a forthcoming review by the UK’s food regulating bodies, the FSA and FSS, in collaboration with the industry, will seek to address.

The meeting included organisations from within the wider Scottish food and drink sector. Both FSS and industry recognised the importance of public confidence and trust in food safety and the need to maintain Scotland’s well-deserved reputation for excellent food and drink produce, and on the economy as a whole.

The discussion was constructive, with all in the meeting agreeing the need for close collaboration and co-operation between regulators and industry in addressing the issues raised by recent events.

One of FSS’s primary objectives is to ensure food is safe, and whilst there is no evidence that anyone has become ill as a result of the recent incidents, FSS will continue its increased programme of unannounced inspections in meat plants and cold stores to ensure compliance levels with food safety regulations within the Scottish meat industry.

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