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Information – Unborn babies can get toxoplasmosis

ABSCBN Toxoplasma

The Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite found in raw or undercooked meat, can latch on to pregnant moms and their unborn babies if ingested, potentially causing food poisoning, miscarriage or other complications to the unborn baby.

According to microbiologist Dr. Windell Rivera, “Usually infected newborns would have problems sa mata, sa utak, mga damage talaga at birth (Usually, infected newborns would have eye or brain damages at birth).”

Toxoplasmosis is the disease caused by the Toxoplasma gondii parasite. Naturally thriving in a cat’s stomach, it can contaminate soil, water, or plant material once released via the animal’s feces. Animals that ingest the parasite can be infected. Humans may contract the parasite by consuming contaminated meat products.


Research – Enhanced Surveillance for Toxoplasmosis in England and Wales, 2008–2012

Cambridge Journals Toxoplasma

A report on Toxoplasma gondii by the UK Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food recommended that more accurate figures on the burden of disease in the UK are needed. We present the first 5 years of data from an enhanced surveillance scheme for toxoplasmosis in England and Wales. Between 2008 and 2012, 1824 cases were reported, with an average of 365 each year. There were 1109 immunocompetent cases, the majority presenting with lymphadenopathy, and 364 immunosuppressed cases, with central nervous system and systemic symptoms most frequently reported. There were also 190 pregnant and 33 congenital cases. Of the pregnant cases, 148 were asymptomatic (probably detected during screening), while 28 suffered a fetal loss or stillbirth. The enhanced surveillance system has led to an improvement in the detection of toxoplasmosis in England and Wales. However, numbers are still likely to be an underestimate, biasing towards the more severe infections.