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Australia – Food Safety – Eggs -Salmonella

Courier Mail Salm

IF BRISBANE wants to be the world-class city it aspires to be, put aside obsessions with TV cooking shows, with political inanities, with imports and focus on what makes people — such as 175 delegates at a school principals’ conference — sick.

After decades of food safety research, I can conclude anyone who serves, prepares or handles food, in a restaurant, nursing home, day care centre, supermarket or local market needs some basic food safety training. And the results of restaurant and other food service inspections must be made public and mandatory.

Courier Mail

THE Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre will continue to source food from the same suppliers, but has suspended the use of poultry and eggs, after the second-worst outbreak of salmonella poisoning in Queensland’s history.

Despite the indication of potential food poisoning, poultry and eggs weren’t struck off the menu until late yesterday.

Up to six events were held at the centre yesterday.

Illawara Mercury

Public health authorities are concerned after two new cases of salmonella emerged at aged care facilities in the Illawarra this week, bringing the total number of patients to 31.

Last week authorities were hopeful the outbreak of the food-borne illness at 10 facilities in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven, south-eastern Sydney and the ACT had been contained.

Two elderly residents have died and 16 residents have been hospitalised after contracting a rare strain of salmonella, with the onset of the first case on January 21.