Singapore – 43 food establishment licensees warned for non-compliance to mask/spit guard requirements for food safety


The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has taken enforcement actions against 43 food establishment licensees, during the second round of targeted operations, for non-compliance to mask/spit guard wearing requirements for food safety. Further to the targeted operations conducted from 26 to 30 September 2022, SFA conducted another operation from 29 Mar to 14 April 2023 focusing on premises with high volume of public feedback received.
A total of 451 food establishments, including restaurants, food stalls in hawker centres, and food fairs were inspected. During the inspections, most of the food handlers were found to be compliant with the mask/spit guard requirements. Written warnings were issued to 43 food establishment licensees on their first offence on failing to ensure that their food handler(s) comply with the mask/spit guard wearing requirements. Stiffer enforcement action will be taken if they fail to comply with these requirements again. SFA’s enforcement officer taking enforcement action SFA’s enforcement officer observed a food handler against the food handler. breaching the mask/spit guard requirements.
Licensees found to be in breach of the licensing condition under Section 99(15) of the Environmental Public Health Act 1987 (“EHPA”), Section 46(12) of the Sale of Food Act 1973 (“SOFA”) or Section 12(1) Wholesome Meat and Fish Act 1999 (“WMFA”) shall be liable to a fine/financial penalty(not exceeding $10,000 and/or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months, and/or liable to have their licence suspended or cancelled.

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