Nestlé temporarily suspends output at France factory at centre of deadly E. coli outbreak   

Just Food

Nestlé has temporarily suspended production at a frozen-pizza factory in France at the centre of a fatal E. coli outbreak last year due to falling sales.

Production at the Buitoni pizza factory, located in Caudry in northern France, was suspended for nine months last year following an outbreak of E. coli reportedly linked to flour contamination at the site.

Nestlé said the fallout from the closure, coupled with global inflation, has led to a drop in sales of frozen pizzas which made the factory untenable.

All of the factory’s employees will keep their jobs for the time being, despite a complete suspension of production, the company told unions in a meeting yesterday afternoon (2 March).

But the future of the Caudry site, which produces frozen pizzas for its Buitoni brand, has not yet been decided, a spokesperson told Just Food.

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