Research – Ongoing High Incidence and Case-Fatality Rates for Invasive Listeriosis, Germany, 2010–2019


We used 10 years of surveillance data to describe listeriosis frequency in Germany. Altogether, 5,576 cases were reported, 91% not pregnancy associated; case counts increased over time. Case-fatality rate was 13% in non–pregnancy-associated cases, most in adults ≥65 years of age. Detecting, investigating, and ending outbreaks might have the greatest effect on incidence.

The aging of the population of Germany as a result of demographic shifts that will continue in the coming years may partially explain the increase in listeriosis cases and the median age of patients. In addition, factors related to the foodborne nature of the disease and an increase in exposure to Listeria must be presumed; it is possible that people eat more RTE food or that RTE food is more likely to become contaminated, although only single-case findings of L. monocytogenes >100 CFU/g have been detected in RTE foods in recent years.

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