Iceland – Salmonella in HUSK products from Orkla – updated


Updated 27.04.21 at 13:50:  The product Fiber Husk for gluten-free diet 100% Natural for baking (300g) was also imported by E. Bridde. E. Bridde recalls all batches from the market and best for dates (bar code: 5707657020010). Parlogis ehf. took care of the distribution. The reason for the recall is a suspicion of salmonella in the product. The manufacturer of the product is the company Orkla Health AS.

Distribution: Apótek Vesturlands ehf, Lyfja lyfjaútibú in Seyðisfjörður, Heilsuhúsið Kringlan, Heilsuhúsið Lágmúli (Lyfja) and Heilsuhúsið Akureyri.

Fiber Remember


Updated 23.04.21 at 14:55: Matvælastofnun has received confirmation from RASFF Europe’s warning system that the following HUSK PSYLLIUM products, shipped to Iceland by E. Bridde ehf. until the year 2018 and then for sale in Iceland, is also covered by the recall. The company Orkla recalls all HUSK PSYLLIUM products as a precaution, including older batches. The products are valid until September 2021 and may be found at consumers’ homes. Their consumption should be avoided. 


Vara Production batch Best for a date
REMEMBER PSYLLIUM capsules 225 pcs. 118181 4/30/2021
REMEMBER PSYLLIUM capsules 225 pcs. 160181 6/30/2021
REMEMBER PSYLLIUM capsules 225 pcs. 161181 6/30/2021
REMEMBER PSYLLIUM capsules 225 pcs. 212181 31.7.2021
REMEMBER PSYLLIUM fragrance 200g 480057 8/31/2021
REMEMBER PSYLLIUM fragrance 450g 478333 6/30/2021
REMEMBER PSYLLIUM fragrance 450g 480058 9/30/2021



Updated 19.04.21 at 14:43:  One product has been added to the recall of HUSK from the company Orkla due to the risk of salmonella. All batches of the gluten-free baking ingredient Fiber Husk are recalled. Fiber Husk was for sale in Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga in Sauðakrókur.

Picture of the HUSK products that were for sale and are recalled by Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga.


Updated 17.04.21 at 11:55 – Distribution:  Recalled products were for sale in Lyfjavers store on Suðurlandsbraut, Lyfjavers online store and Kaupfélag Skagfirðinga in Sauðárkrókur. No further distribution within the country is known at this time, but work is continuing to gather information on distribution. 

Recall of REMEMBER

Product Name: 

  • REMEMBER Natural fiber, powder (Natural fiber)
  • REMEMBER Natural fibers, capsules (Natural fiber)    
  • REMEMBER Fiber + Lactic acid bacteria, powder (Natural fiber + Lactic acid bacteria)
  • REMEMBER Fiber + Lactic Acid Bacteria (Natural Fiber + Lactic Acid Bacteria)
  • REMEMBER Stomach Balance
  • REMEMBER Psyllium Stomach Balance
  • REMEMBER Psyllium Frogs

All batches are recalled. See further information about products in the press release of the Reykjavík Health Inspectorate . 

————————————————– –

News 16.04.21 at 11:20:

Matvælastofnun warns against consuming HUSK PSYLLIUM FROSKALLER and HUSK PSYLLIUM MAVEBALANCE fiber capsules and powders from the company Orkla Care. Salmonella has been identified in the products and three deaths and a number of infections in Denmark can be traced to their consumption.

Recall of REMEMBER

Matvælastofnun and the municipal health inspectorate continue to work on obtaining information on distribution to Iceland. The products have been imported to the country and are available in pharmacies, among other places. Recall is ongoing in all rounds. Full distribution is not available at this time, but further information will be published as soon as it is available.

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