Information – Bank holiday barbecue checklist


With an estimated 33 million people planning to have a barbecue over the bank holiday weekend come rain or shine, we are providing some top tips to help prevent food poisoning.

It is estimated that the UK reports 1,000,000 cases  of food poisoning each year, with a rise in summer months, which is a potential consequence of unsafe barbecue food. So, it is important to be aware of the dangers of foodborne diseases from bacteria, such as Campylobacter, listeria and salmonella.

Stuart Armstrong, Acting Head of Food Policy at the Food Standards Agency, said:

‘Most of us know the danger of not cooking chicken all the way through, and people need to have the same vigilance when it comes to burgers and sausages. A common misconception is that burgers are like steak and can be eaten rare, but when they are still pink in the middle, they are three times more likely to contain harmful bacteria.

‘And also, anyone who is planning a barbecue needs to make sure food isn’t left out and that fridges should be kept below 5⁰C.’

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