USA -Parasite risk in wraps, salads spurs warning; romaine blamed – Cyclospora

Food Safety News 


Federal officials issued a public health alert Monday night warning people to watch for signs of parasitic infections if they have eaten any of more than two dozen varieties of wraps and salads sold nationwide by retailers including Kroger and Trader Joe’s. 

The distributor of the ready-to-eat products said lettuce supplied by Fresh Express is responsible for the health alert. Indianapolis-based distributor Caito Foods LLC reported that officials with Fresh Express had issued a recall notice for chopped romaine that was used in the wraps and salads. The products are packaged under a variety of brand names.

It was unclear Monday night whether the Fresh Express recall is only for business-to-business romaine sales — such as those to other food producers, restaurants and facilities such as hospitals and schools — or if it includes products sold directly to consumers. 

Also, it was not known Monday night if the Fresh Express romaine is linked to an outbreak of Cyclospora parasite infections associated with salads from McDonald’s. 

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