Research – Oregano oil can combat pathogens effectively, Studies claim

File:OreganoEssentialOil.pngTop Health Journal 

95% of the Western population relies on antibiotics and other medicinal treatments, every time they face an illness. Although medicines provide a fast and significant solution to the problem, but the excessive use of drugs lead to the production of resistant strains of germs and pathogens. The current situation demands an urgent need of safe and natural alternatives replacing those expensive drugs.

The Indian Borage popularly known as Oregano is a common natural, and herbal medicinal plant employed for treating many mild but infectious and weakening diseases. From treating food poisoning to delaying the expiration of sauces and spices, from restoring a healthy gut to neutralizing the venomous insect bites and stings, Oregano plant extracts are almost used everywhere.

Recently, studies have revealed the potent use of oregano oil in killing pathogens effectively and safely. The researchers from the Georgetown University Medical Center have investigated the effects that the oregano oil would have on the growth of fungal yeast-Candida albicans. Candida had been known for its detrimental effects, that it causes when overgrown, on the digestive system, joints’ movement, and muscle exhaustion.

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