Kuwait – Kuwaiti hospitals put on alert amid a food poisoning outbreak

Gulf News

Dubai –  More than 287 suffered food poisoning this weekend in Kuwait, after eating from a falafel restaurant in Hawally area according to Kuwait News Agency KUNA.

The Ministry of Health activated emergency plans as the number of people suffering from food poisoning rose dramatically yesterday.  A video on twitter showed a number of ambulances rushing to one of the hospital’s emergency doors.

“A group of 192 patients was rushed to Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital, 17 cases were admitted to Amiri Hospital, 23 to Farwaniya hospital, 6 to Alsabah hospital, 6 to Aladan hospital, 17 to Jahraa hospital, while private hopitals reported 22 cases” according to a statement by the Ministry of health.

The ministry has also assured the public that most of patients were allowed to leave the hospital after their condition improved, with the exception of 53 cases. They are still in hospitals but none is critical.

The deputy director of Public Authority for Food and Nutrition, Dr. Amal Al Rashdan, issued an order shutting down the restaurant.



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