Research- Advanced meat preservation methods: A mini review

Wiley Onlinebeefrsir


Development of various novel thermal and nonthermal techniques has shown potential applications in meat processing and preservation. Consumer’s demand of meat products with esteemed quality, wholesomeness, and superior safety has led to the commercial introduction of these innovative methods. Accordingly, this treatise outlines the potential of several advanced thermal and nonthermal methods like super‐chilling, ultrarapid freezing, immersion vacuum cooling, hydrofluidization freezing, impingement freezing, electrostatic‐assisted freezing, pressure‐shift freezing, acidic electrolyzed water coupled with high hydrostatic pressure, and nonthermal plasma technique for preserving meat quality and prolongation of shelf stability. This article also highlights the advancements in the packaging technology like use of linear low‐density polyethylene‐based active clay nanocomposite films and resulted benefits for the meat sector. Additionally, consumer responses to various meat products preserved with these technologies are also discussed in this critique. The focal objective of the current discourse is to reconnoiter the aptitude of these novel techniques in meat preservation so that these methods can be adopted at commercial scale in a much broader sense.

Practical applications

For decades, several methods have been adopted for preservation of meat. With technological advancements, meat industry is looking for some modern and economic preservation methods for meat and meat‐based products. In this regard, several nonconventional techniques like super‐chilling, hydrofluidization freezing, impingement freezing, electrostatic‐assisted freezing, and pressure‐shift freezing have shown their potential for effective meat preservation. Therefore, this article will be helpful for the meat industrialists to consider these techniques for commercial preservation of meat and meat products in a more effectual manner.

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